Rumplestilskin’s Nemesis

No doubt it would have been salad for the bear that lives there  – crunchy hors d’oeuvres before a feast of fat larvae, so I just took one.  It’s interesting how the first harbingers of spring for us – our native skunk cabbage, and the Indian Plum – Oemleria cerasiformis, are not so sweetly scented as we would like, but reek and beckon the insects and bears from their winter burrows.

… I want to draw it, paint it.  Simply, gloriously,  Magnificent.  I can even get past the smell, .. though someone has objected as it seems to have lost its place on the dining room table!


I can’t get enough of this colour this time of year.

At a Fibre Sale a couple of weeks ago, I found some yummy Fleece Artist rovings – Blue Faced Leicester and Kid Mohair.  I’ve been spinning them and plying them together.  When I first pulled open the tightly braided rovings and fanned out the glistening fibres, it was like molten gold.  Almost a shame to spin it, but I had to.    This was Rumplestilskin’s Nemesis!