It is the weaver’s (and knitter’s) burden to house humungous heaps of yarn stash.  It’s our painter’s palette, and the looming possibilities of combinations and permutations of all that colour and texture  feed us. Jam a new cone onto the shelf, and a chance rearrangement sparks another colour inspiration.

But often, the best of the yarns keep getting pushed lovingly aside – to await the ultimate, divine project, and end up being discreetly courted by moths.

This week, I pulled down some linen and decided to sample sample sample.

My counterbalance loom is freed up, and linen needs a balanced shed, so why wait.  I’ve been eyeing some 14/2 adobe coloured linen, and some worsted weight knitting tow linen, and some linen/rayon blend.  Perfect opportunity for a summer and winter weave.

Samples done and washed, and now waiting the big decisions of what to weave!  Kimono jacket… table runners…