Fleece and Fiber Feast

This weekend, while the cat dozed,

I went to the Cowichan Fleece and Fiber Fest.

A feast of yarn, fiber, knittings, spinnings, weavings…

nice to bask in for an hour or two.   Then, stop by the Loom, for more basking in yarn and fiber, and come home from it all with some necessities.

A pound of gorgeous baby Romney fleece, which I’ve  test spun into a lace weight,

One exquisite ceramic button by Franziska that I need to build a garment around..

and the first edition of Interweave’s Knit Wear.

I love this premiere issue with its truly “simple handknits for the thoughtful knitter”.

It is a calm answer to the ravelous ravellings of Ravelers.

I had to have these lovely glossy pages in my hands… and Mom’s do have bragging rights….

My daughter Megan’s jacket pattern is on page 109.

Beautiful.  I think I have to go back to Franziska for two perfect buttons. This Crossed Jacket is in some very fine company too.  There is more than one gorgeous knit in this issue!