Fiber Spinning

Two bags full

I live in the clouds.

My world is often a sea of fiber.  I can’t bear to bag it and stuff it away.

Put your hands into a mound of freshly carded fleece, like this alpaca, and it’s like putting your hands in cream.

I’ve been sorting and carding Belle Cria alpaca fiber. And spinning some.

Just as I’m rearranging my studio so that I can wend a path through the growing clouds, a report comes from my husband who is organizing the back basement that there are bags of wool to be assessed.  I’m in a fog about them.   I think they came in the door from someone on their way from a garage sale.  How long ago was that?  I’m wondering.

It’s all very vague.  A homely lot, I had thought.  I had peeked in one and it looked like a fleece that had had a brief unfortunate adventure in a fast moving washing machine.  And the other – an unskirted coarse looking fleece in the grease.


The week was hot and summery.  The lawn was covered in mounds of drying alpaca fleece.  So this wool fiber would have company.

What I found in bag one, was three different fleeces clinging to themselves and each other, and not so much felted, as hard with lanolin.  Once they were untangled and washed, I was in bliss, teasing apart the soft locks, and  finding about five pounds of a lovely soft grey and a white, and a pocket of what must be merino lamb.

This is wealth.

The second bag, once skirted and washed, yielded another grey fleece with lots of crimp and bounce and luster.

These soft grey clouds are now rapidly turning my studio into a veritable storm..

I’ve been experimenting, seeing how it spins up.

Soft grey wool blended with white alpaca, carded and spun..

The second grey woolen spun to worsted weight …

Rob already is seeing a grey celtic sweater in his future…

more to do!….