I planted this Kashmir Rowan a few years ago.  It was a pup in a gallon pot from a local nursery, – looked like a seedling, and the label Sorbus Cashmiriana featured a photo of pink blossoms and noted the white berries.  The fibre evocation of the name was enough for me…  And its home in the Himalayas.  I even kept one Himalayan blackberry vine near it for company in its new wild garden home.  This year it bloomed.  White flowers.  And the berries now showing are pink!  With the bluey green leaves, looks more like a S. vilmorinii.  I’m not complaining. It’s beautiful, and in perfect pink company with the himalayan blackberry.

Himalayan blackberry

Speaking of pinkā€¦ Does pink get more perfect than this?

Chopstick Rest

Exquisite chopstick rests brought as a gift from a friend living in Japan.