Garden Weaving

Loom Bloom

Huck Lace Blooms

Thinking of spring already.

while spring blooms in fall..

On the loom, a towel run in cottolin and 2/8 cotton.  Huck Lace blocks on plain weave, four shafts.

This witchhazel is from the rootstock of a grafted variety.  The graft failed, and I had almost dug it up, but so glad I didn’t.  The flowers bloom early – in October along with the golden fall foliage unlike the hybrids which bloom in January February.  Magic, with the misted light.

But…My loom blooms late!  Busy fall season, but now this warp which was conceived in the spring finally is chained, heddled, sleyed and tied and weaving!  Love those squares of huck lace centred in the blue/mauve grid.

It’s been a few years since doing Jane Stafford’s “Lacy Places” workshop, and I’m barely scratching the surface of the potential in the lace weaves.