cynara de goutiere

artist, cobble hill bc

Book Illustration

Majorcan Moon

Majorcan Moon

Majorcan Moon by my grandmother, Jessie de Goutiere.

This was a limited edition of under ten copies. The binding was handsewn with raffia.

more hearing


Again he heard her laugh, and then he saw her, sitting on the rough stone wall of a terrace like one of those fairies his mother had told him of when he was boy. Her great eyes were gleaming softly, and her hair was like night about her. She was waiting for him.

But what was that?

But what was that? His flushed face, with its faint shadow of a beard, grew pale as he saw her lean agaist one ancient olive trunk which was twisted and gnarled like an old wizened woman, for it had put out scaly, knotted hands, caressing her, guarding her from him.

All that evening

All that evening then, Miquel sat as though turned to wood, while his mother knitted, and his sisters busied themselves with their embroidery.