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Oranges and Lemons

oranges and lemons










Maybe it’s our Pacific Northwest winters – gray, gray, gray, with occasional teasers of sparkly bright hoarfrost days.

Maybe it’s the old National Geographic article I’ve been reading about shipwreck treasure and the crew’s likely demise from scurvy,

or just because I’m an incorrigible colour hound and can’t get enough of these happy colours…

or because I’m trying to make room in my studio!

I pulled out a box of crochet cottons that I’ve been collecting from thrift shops for years.  The colours are paintbox bright, and as unsubtle as you can get.  They take up a lot of room because the balls are wound on fat cardboard rings.  I rewound them into centrepull balls so they were manageable for winding a warp, and started winding, basically painting on my warping mill.  Then yesterday, warped my counterbalance, and started  weaving.  Orange, rose, aqua….

I love twills.  I’ve been pouring through Janet Phillips’ Designing Woven Fabrics -a fabulous book which explores the infinite possibilities of four shaft weaves.

I settled on her inspiration of a simple straight twill with stripes of 5 thread broken twill.

24 epi. Weft is 2/8 cotton.

Table runners.  I’ve got the yellow bowl of oranges and lemons waiting.


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