cynara de goutiere

artist, cobble hill bc

Summer side up

On the loom, a run of runners.









Summer and winter, Diamond and Block pattern, Threading #2, from Marguerite Davison’s Handweaver’s Pattern Book. Interesting preamble to the Chapter, on the origins of the weave which were traditionally credited to both Pennsylvania Dutch, and the Finnish.

My tie-up is reversed on my counterbalance, so I’m enjoying the summer side of this weave, with its flowers instead of diamonds.

Warp set at 12 epi is a variegated limey green crochet cotton.  Weft is turquoise 2/8 cotton for the tabby and a linen/rayon blend for the pattern.

The variegations of the warp yarn shift in phased 15″ sections, so a long runner will show the watercolour effect well.

My sample for this weave in linen, shows the diamond and block on the Winter side.


Now the Winter side is around to the cloth beam enough to see.  And winter’s back too – snowfall warning tonight!

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